What Constitutes Dental Emergencies

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It is the law of nature. It is human nature. There will always be emergencies, whether you like it or not. And no matter how well you take care of yourself, no matter how cautious you are during your everyday life, you could still be faced with an emergency situation. The wicked irony of it is that it usually springs upon you when you least expect it to, and usually at a highly inappropriate, inconvenient and awkward moment in your day or life. The emergency tooth extraction fort collins procedure could very well be one such occasion.

Why would an emergency tooth extraction be necessary in the first place? It could be a case of gradual tooth decay. The affected tooth has reached its point of no return. It is beyond rescue. This would have been usual if the tooth was already loose. A loose tooth will never be restored. It will have to come out. But a tooth does not need to be loose. It could also be that the tooth is shot through with cavities. It is beyond repair. Also note that painful encounters could be a sign as well. The pain is persistent.

No amount of painkillers or antibiotics helps. Persistent pain is usually an indication that the affected tooth could be in a bad state of decay. Another emergency case, with or without pain, is when the affected tooth is broken. It is far too damaged for the dentist to perform any repairs. These would have been in the form of a tooth filling, but it is inadequate if the cavity area has already expanded. Finally, accidents happen. Teeth get knocked in the collision. It is rather unfortunate particularly for someone who has always taken good care of his teeth and gums.